Marso 12, 2019



It makes me feel weird that for
the first time Lebron wont going
to play-offs, sadly this untimely
negative break fell into the lap
of LA Lakers team.

I already had a vibes from the
start that this will be a
make or break when they
mix Lebron and the
young guns of LA.

I thought in the middle of the
season they are getting the
formula how to blend-in and
despite of lack that being
reported they’re able to
cope-up and manage to do what
they suppose to be doing which
is winning games.

But for me all are ruined
when the “Anthony Davis”
trading came into the scene.

There are some talks I watched
that the LA Lakers planned to
trade the whole young guns
like Lonzo, Kuzma, Ingram
and some others too…

This for me created walls and
tainted the trust of players
which is a huge thing that
affected and put the LA
Lakers in a negative light
that eventually made them
lose the opportunity of reaching
the play-offs.

As a sport fans of basketball
the “Mind Game” here for me
is two things

1) Too much Assumption
2) Always verify


It feels to me that everybody
assumes that Lebron will do
what he usually do, which is
to enter the play-offs then
reach the finals.

Even myself as a fan missed
the fact that as LBJ entered
the Lakers he don’t have the
same lay-out that he had
in Cleveland and Miami.
Where he had Bosh, Wade
or Love, Irving and the likes.

In LA it seems that we just
wish for the best that he’ll
jive well to the young guns
and we thought that after
all his Lebron
he can work that out but now
it will be added to
another million clear example
that everybody are prone to
fail if we missed details that’s
vital to accomplish a particular mission, even if you’re Lebron.

In this case we missed that
age gap, support group, the
culture of LA or the coach
may have the need to look
through and review if those
factors can help and will not
hurt the King in order for him
to reign in this season?

Maybe this facts is not weighed
because in this era we are
enchanted by the force that
Lebron James did from the past
and we just realize this should
not be like that until we
woke-up that all is over this


It is irritating if someones
keep on reminding and checking
you out if your good, sometimes
verification sounds dumb but
the purpose of that is to
make it sure that you’re
100% good to go and no any
sliver of doubt that you
forgotten or not prepared

Definitely something is being
outlook to this especially
the idea of trading the
young guns in exchange of
Anthony Davis, the purpose
is good but the deliberation
in order to achieve the purpose
is rough and messy that result
to failure.

That’s the mind game and to
answer what went wrong is
that the most precious element
of “team work” is being damaged
and that element that I am
talking about is “Trust”,
it could be cliche to hear but
that’s what it is, imagine
you are barely surviving
and just depending to each
other believing that you’re
all a family and then
eventually you
found out that they
want you out? and start
to talk business?

would you be
still that wiling to depend
and believe that you’re
a fam?

Maybe that’s the
big Mind Game here, is to
protect the “trust” in
a team because it will
protect your team back and
if you don’t you’ll probably
asked yourself eventually
what went wrong?





Pebrero 10, 2019

After Kobe’s retirement, Lakers
is in the dark, awaiting for
someone who can shed some light.

Reputation and identity wise
Lakers is like being robbed,
they are bankrupt, zero, not until
Lonzo Ball came in, I am not
saying this guy is like someone
who brought a lot of wins in the
team or some sort of super player
but because of Zo, L.A become a
talk of the sport business again,
at least people interest and hopes
are back then eventually Bron
again shocked the world of
basketball when he join in Lakers.

Now we are in the milestone of
Lakers where Lonzo’s stay in
Lakers could end just like that!

I say Zo must stay if Lakers
wants to keep in the loop
of “buzz”, like what Lebron
say’s “this is business after
all” and if you’re owning a
NBA basketball team you just
don’t need to win titles but
much as well your team must
attract an attention.

Money goes where the most
attention are, if money is
what Lakers wanted, they
must keep Zo but if they
go to Lebron and AD ground-up
set-up that will be a nice
ride but it could be short
and after the ride, when Bron
finally retire or both
Bron and AD declined again they
will be in the dark and that
kind of attention their getting
from Kobe Bryant era could be
hard to have it again.

But today as Lonzo is at their
team, that attention is still
there and it will obviously
stay there if Lonzo and his
Fam stays.




Oktubre 12, 2018

Credit to photo owner


My take is this…

It is hard to say now.

The King been in a lot
of battles, from different
kingdoms as well and he
fairly did a good job.

He won a ring in Miami
and in Cleveland too.

Though on his land (Cleveland)
he didn’t able to repeat
it, as the mighty GSW
brutally buried Cavs
in a series sweep of
NBA Finals 2017-2018.

I can feel the kings
fatigue thru the
years of his career,
it is truly exhausting,
I cant imagine how
he can rejuvenate
back and be ready for
next season. No wonder
why millions of dollars
is reported that being
spent on his body
every year, sounds
absurd or ridiculous
but if you think about
playing professional
basketball for
lets just say 82 games
per year not including
the practices, exhibition
games and if your team
reach the semis then the
finals, just imagine
how much tension, abuse,
pain and probably minor
or semi-major injury
your body will take?

Not to mention the
mental fatigues
that will tax an
athlete, basketball is not
just a physical
game like most people
think about
the truth is that basketball
is absolutely a mind game
and a very brutal mind game
sometimes, the “mind game”
like trash talking are
not just end when the player
leave the court especially
to athletes like Lebron,
the media and other likes
are trolling him even his
personal life, some could
be related to piss him off
to the game or maybe just
fooling around.

So the million dollar
spent on his body alone
is not really something
a big thing as a matter
of fact it makes me think
that this is what most
athlete should realize,
not actually spending
that a lot of cash to
their body but put your
health as a top priority
because as cliché it might
sound but to all athletes
who are on the level of
Lebron they will all agree
on some point that their

“health is their wealth”

Nobody will sign-up
a player to the kind
of contract that Lebron
have if that athlete
is either fractured
or broken.

They want
someone who are tough
as hell and his arsenal
for battel are all still
sharp and available.

Every team
owner want to assure that
all of those gears and
weapons that are in
athlete’s arsenal will
be utilized and
guess what Lebron still
got all of that.

The way I see it from
a far is that the King
still got the
in tact arsenal
but he is just
not having the right
troops to be with in
order for him to succeed
another mission which is
winning another title.

So that’s why it is
hard to say now, maybe
even the King is not
sure and it could all
depend how it will turn
out to the kind of
team chemistry they have
and from there if it
works out a bit the king
can push the team for
a title but for him
to carry a team the way
he did in Cleveland is
something his fans would
like to see.



DeMarcus Cousins: GSW’s ASSET or RISK LIABILITY???

Hulyo 9, 2018



I love NBA basketball drama
sometimes it surpass how
I love the game itself and
on NBA one of the biggest
drama is when a big
star is being traded or
demand a trade.

Today fan like me
are not just being WOW
if a star player is being
traded but when a team
like Golden State Warriors
buff-up their roster eventhough
they are a contender or just
won a championship title.

This past few days NBA
basketball fan again
are surprised when
DeMarcus “Boogie” Cousins
signed a 1 year deal
contract to GSW.

I myself is excited
and ecstatic to the news
I am happy for Boogie
I was anticipating he
will team-up with Lebron
but did not happen.

Eventhough it still a
good deal for him.
GSW is like a guranteed
ticket to shine especially
on Boogie’s situation where
he been in several issues
from the teams he joined

The way I see it is
that Boogie had somehow
issue on attitude or how
he go along to the
people on the team he
joined before and now
adding that he had
Achilles injury the
doubt of his relevance
on GSW raised my curiosity.

No wonder why its only
a 1 year contract which
is for me it is quite
fair for both side.

Boogie could drag down
the team or he could
add another reinforcement
to make a convincing
momentum for GSW to again
win another title.

However it must be noted
that this point of Boogie’s
career is somehow crucial
because if he dont work-out
to GSW it would be the end
for him, in a way that his
value will decline, not unlike
before fan like me would
contimplate on the possibility
that he is being mismanage
and not being in the right
team or chemistry is just not
right but that must not be
the case now as he joined
to GSW where coaching staff
is good and player as well.

The mind game here is
GSW management must
see afar if Boogie will
be a relevant force or
will drag the team down,
again they must see it
before it happens especially
if it will drag the team
down so before that they
could part ways and it will
be a win-win on both side

For me this deal is risky
but the hope is more
appealing that even myself
will convince even if I
am on the chair of GSW
making this deal.

We’ll see all that next
year as Boogie will not
be forced to play until
he is all good from injury
and the question is if he
will be an asset or liability
is still hanging…



Disyembre 13, 2016

Players who started from
late 90’s to mid 00’s are
now hanging their jerseys one by one
and some of them already left
the game.

From Kobe, Tim, Ray Allen, KG, then
Paul Pierce could be his
last season and now maybe
Vince Carter soon to be saying
his goodbye’s maybe not this
year but it will not be a surprise
once he say’s his done.

I feel old when I come to see
this guys games are declining
and some of them suffers from
great pain of injuries, time
flies too fast because it seems
to me like only yesterday where
Kobe looks indistructable, where
KG is slaming the rim like a storm
and Ray Allen swoshing the net
from the 3 point lane just like

If they can only play forever
or maybe at least 5 years more
at their prime level Kobe could
have another ring, KG could bring
Minnesota to Play-offs and it’s
interesting to know what team
Ray will join.

But we all know it aitn goanna
happen no more, this guys I am
talking about already decided and
from there I am fine. It’s just like
as a basketball fan some of them
we take it for granted and
we wish before what the game of
basketball look like without them
but now we asked how great this game
will be if they still here at their



Hunyo 28, 2016


One of the most interesting
free agency at this moment is
Kevin Durant.

Personally I dont want him
to go… Ballers like him
who has superstar status must
stay on his first team until he
retire because for me if you
are a superstar and left your
first team the credibility
of your title decreases…

There are lot’s of stuffs
to debate about that but
focusing to the topic, I
want KD to stay on OKC
however if there’s some
reason that pushed him
to leave Oaklahoma the
question is what team
he should go then?

Sigining another team is like
applying to another company
or applying to another department.

Team also apply the same rule
of “probationary period” to some
company it is 3 to 6 months
to asses you if their happy to
you or not. In NBA I guess they’ll
give you 1 year or a bit more than
that to see how you be a benefit
to their team and if you dont
they put you to free agancy or trade.

So hunting for another team
is pretty much like
finding another job or company.

And to that you consider
Money, Growth and Work environtment,
it’s really up to you which one
you’ll prioritize.

In case of Durant what I can
vibe to him is he want championship
title badly and for that to happen
he must have a good work environement
he must have a good team etc.
but also if I am KD my superstar
status is also important although
leaving OKC will surely decline
his superstar value a bit but that
could be reverse depends to a
team that he will join…

If he will join to a team
where he can have a ring his
value as a superstar will go
up! But as we all know being
on top is not a bed of roses
there are some hard stuffs that
people up there are struggleling
to handle so having a good mentor
is a big help.

So here is why I say KD must
sign to Spurs, it is not just
because the team is well tuned for
another trip to Play-offs finals
but the team status is in the
transition where they are finding
someone to whom they can pass
the torch.

I am not saying that Kwahi, Aldrich
or others are not worth it to
receive the torch but what I am
refering here about “passing the torch”
is not just about to individual but
to the generation… We all have the
expectation that Tim Duncan
will retire any time soon much
as well his fellow troops and
remaining will be Kwahi and Aldrich.

They are both good but to say
that they are enough to get
the ring is kinda doubtful, they
need another force which is pretty
much ideal in the persona of Durant.

Beside on a good set-up of the
team and it’s timing, If KD
will sign to Spurs he could
benefit “growth” in his career.

The way I vibe Tim Duncan is he
is a good man, he shape’s his
team in a good manner so If
ever KD got himself or Spurs
on top he’ll not having any
issue to whom who he will ask
for what to do because uncle Tim
is there.




Hunyo 19, 2015


2015 Finals is over and
congratulation to Golden State Warriors
for winning the championship and good
job to Cleveland Cavaliers for being
number two of this year’s league.

However before game 6 we seen a lot
of mims and stuffs about Lebron
and most of this are something about
LBJ comparing to MJ. The debate
or comparison wouldn’t stop though
we know that it’s kinda difficult
to compare this two who technically
lived in different world of NBA.
Some say that in 90’s the game is
more intense and more about “competition”
compare today NBA is prep-up as
an Family thing and kinda more
wholesome compare to 80’s-90’s.

Anyway whether the mode of NBA
game has change or not what I want
to say is let us just stop trying
to label the new player to be
“The Next Michael Jordan”

Even Mike itself in his
time he is being
compared to Clyde Drexler and people
ask who’s the best guard? I remember
watching some movie or documentary
where MJ said that he don’t want
to be compared to anybody because
he want to be remember as one
and only Michael Jordan.

I believe that rookies should
be on that kind of mind-set today.

Well I can’t blame them because
being compared to Michael Jordan
is kinda big compliment as a
professional basketball player
compare on the time where
Jordan is being compared to Drexler.

I’m not saying that Drexler
is not that great of course he is!
He is just not having that MJ status
which is not bad at all, if I am
an pro ball player and asked what
kind of legacy I would like to have
is just like how Clyde did. Of course
I will not deny that I also
want to have that MJ status but I
dont want to be remember as someone
who just follow someone’s path and
did a little better than him, I want
to be remember in a bit different way
like how they recognize Duncan and today
Curry. Definitely you must win a
ring but there are plenty of ways
to win it either by one man game, team
or by the effort of the whole franchise.

I’m not saying that there’s something
wrong if you try to follow MJ’s foot step

I’m not saying that Kobe should not
try to outshine MJ

I’m not saying that Lebron should
not do the same thing what Kobe did

There’s nothing wrong on chasing MJ
status but it should not come to the
point where we are trying to expect
every player to be the next MJ-

Even MJ itself said to his son
that donn’t be hard on his self
because there’s only one Michael Jordan.

For sure most of the players today
are inspired by Michael Jordan and
dont be surprise that as the time
goes by another era of youth
will be inspired by Michael Jordan
in many ways…

But that should not mean that all
Player who are inspired
should be scoring 60 plus point in
the game, winning 6 championships,
 winning two 3P’s in a row and
being in the flu game etc. which
is not bad if they did there’s nothing
wrong on that but that’s not what
the message of Michael Jordan’s
achievements, that’s not the reason
why you are inspired by him, thats
not the beauty of the game, thats
not the game of basketball to Michael.

According to one of his interview
with Ahmad Rashad the game of basketball
to MJ is the Love that he had for.
Because as what MJ said thru love
he manage to endure everything!

Let this ball players or rookies be
who they are
and let us just see what they
can bring to the table and who
knows there might be another
reason to love this game beside
on labeling players in order
to relive the greatness of their

Just saying here…