Oktubre 12, 2018

The photo owns by My Son cruising at the calm morning in Camelia Provence Bulacan


There are people asked me why
I bought house in Camelia?

It is too expensive and the
amount of money could build
far much better and uniquely
design as per my desire.

I agree it is really expensive
if I look into the house
but the thing is that why
I bought a house like that
is because it was established
in a very nice community.

Actually that’s part of the
sales pitch of Camelia, they
are not just selling the house
but the community is big
part of it.

In Camelia you’ll be convince
to have a quick run every morning
without being worried that you
are being mugged, as the security
is 24/7 and there are people
who are maintaining the place
to stay pleasant to the residence.

There are gardeners, garbage collector,
engineers and pest control who’s
servicing your places which
is of course part of the monthly
home owners fee.

I didnt really realize that
before not until these days that
my community has a big part
on building a home sweet home,
because your “home” is not
just what is inside of the four
corners of your house but also
what it is outside of it.

I am not saying that Camelia
is the perfect place to live
of course it is really depend
on person’s lifestly, but as
I owned a place here I fully
realize that the community
matters a lot.