Oktubre 12, 2018

Credit to the photo owner


I found myself these days
sharing my amusement to our
Philippine Government Politics
and current events and I see
myself that this could be also
part of my genre as I continue
my enthusiasm in blogging and
for that I made a trip down
my memory lane and try to
find who was my model when
it comes to journalism and
political commentary?

That’s not hard to remember
because there is only one
that I really admired before
and that is Ka. Totoy Talastas
in his radio program
Liwanagin Natin

His wit, great knowledge in
history, law and the
modality of his voice sounds
pleasing into my earbuds even
though I don’t fully understand
what he is talking about plus
his musical introduction of
Hello Dolly by Louis Armstrong
that made him outstanding for

I never see myself really
into radio except if the
person who’ll I’ll listen
too is Ka. Totoy, for me
other news radio reporter
sounds the same, monotonous
and it bores me.

I hope Ka. Totoy can made
some podcast about the
current event of Pres. Digong
this present days because
I am really interested what
he’ll say about it, thing
is that Ka. Totoy retires
on the year of 2016, the
way I see him on the photos
available on the Facebook
pages of him is that maybe
he needs to rest a bit, after
all he is 90 years old now
as I wrote this blog
because on 2016 he already
hit the mark of 88 years of

I don’t know what’s Ka. Totoy
health situation right now,
what I feel is that he still
got that enthusiasm as
journalist but maybe his
physical condition limits him
though like what I said podcasting
can be the answer, he can
do it at his home and it is
not necessarily need to be
on daily basis, he can record
a dozen of topics in one day
then rest for 3 to 5 days but
if his not interested at all
I can understand because I
was just a kid before and I
already hearing this man in radio
and reaching 88 years old
doing the same thing deserves
some rest.

Whether he come back again or
not he absolutely deserve a
salute and praises as he truly
made a good job as entertainer,
journalist and a radio news commentator
in politics.

Saludo sa iyo Ka Totoy!