Marso 21, 2019

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Our brain is so fascinating.
Just to think of those great
inventions that change our
way of living, those idea
came from our mind, some
call it Flash of genius.

Thing is we all do have that,
we all have flashes of genius
came to us but common mistake
we do is that we don’t give
much respect when that opportunity

We think that flashes of idea
will come around again but mostly
it is not, it might come or
when it came back again is when
the time somebody already did
it and how we wish we’re the one
should do it first.

Question is how to give respect
and importance when that
“flash of genius” snap in
our mind? Answer is simply
record it! Whether thru writing,
typing, video or voice recording
just do it and save it!

Now when you record it, you must
decide if you want to make it happen,
if you do be ready to a deep dive
because mostly this idea demands
a lot, it could even asked you to
flip the world upside down, but
if you’re not comfortable about it
be willing to let it go, because
unnecessary regret is a toxic in
human system.

It could be sounds too much, when
geniuse flashes at your mind while
driving and you just park at the
safe side to record it down but
believe me those flash of genius
mostly come once in a life time
and catching them could change
everything for the better.





Enero 15, 2019

The people you deal with
and the information you’ve
bathing yourself are mostly
the factors that mold you
as a person. However there
is also cases that a person
despite the fact of its
surrounding he/she is not
adopting accordingly.

There are this people that
is hard to believe to be
somebody that is very awkward
in where he came from.

Like for example those serial
killers who came from prestigious
family or someone who are so
modest but grew-up from poor
and uneducated environment,
its very amusing to hear
those kind of story because
for me it really tells me
that there are huge part
of us where we can control
our lives.

Changes really must came from
within and not the other way
around, sometimes there are
part of our lives that we
wanted to change but it aint
going thru because if you dig
deep down you’ll know that
there are several reasons that
you are not yet ready to
let go for the sake of change
you wanted.

The first crucial step is “you”
and that is for real, you can
read all such kind of books
or hire the most great personal
coach but if the “you” is not
yet “fully” ready to give it all!
Well changes is impossible.

When I say “FULLY READY” it
means you’re willing to do
anything and everything to make
that “change” to happen.



Enero 10, 2019


What? Yes you read it right
the title of this article.

People who lives in denial
are the exact definition of
living dead.

There are cases in life that
you cannot fake it to fix it.

There are some part of it
that is crucial for you to
embrace it in order to understand
because those painful facts
in life is what really
stretched us, those painful
facts what pushed us to grow
but if you’ll deny that
“painful facts” its either
you’ll run into circle or
just kept going into the
same cycle.

Maybe what is right to do
is to make a way rather
that deny.


Enero 3, 2019

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It’s been a battle cry ever since
about changing the world for the

When I was a kid I already heard
it and until now that’s what
we all are aiming for.

Well I say the world is already
in a situation where it suppose
to be. there are its serious negativities
but also there are its great

The world will be so boring
if either of the yin or the yang
over power the other, life could
be boring if the positivity
prevail or neither the negativity.

Life suppose to have that struggle
because without it life is not
life after all.

The thing is we must keep the
balance or the harmony of it
not the absence of either of
the side.




Disyembre 11, 2018

Knowing what is the truth or what
is “right” to do could be very
appealing for all of us.

We all do agree that doing what
is “right” is what we must do

We all do agree that the truth
is what must prevail

But the BIG BUT is this…

Reality say’s the opposite.

There are many things we
all do believe is right that
eventually we found out is
wrong to do but as we become
comfortable doing the old belief
most of us cling into denial rather
than to acceptance.

Sad thing is that the one
who say’s the truth or what
is the right thing to do is
being condemned.

I know some of you who read
this blog expirienced that in
some point of your life, where
you discover some sort of truth
and your’e so excited to share
it to your love ones and expecting
their great gratitude back at you
but it’s terrible to know that
instead they embrace you with
thanks because you warned them
into something a great mistake
you got criticized and hated.

You come to know that sometimes
truth really hurts or unbearable

Reason why I now appriciate the
people I knew before who have
that great patience to gradually
feed the truth or the right thing
to the people who are ignorant
to what is right or what is the

Dont make a mistake that saying
or doing
what is truth and what is right
will always bring you to
a better place,
let me tell you that there are times
that saying what is truth or what
is right could bring you in many
troubles or can get killed but
also I am not saying not to say
the truth nor not to do what is

What I am saying is this…

First dont complain why some
people are so mean to you
because you say what is right
or the truth, because there
are many people who live
in denial and dont want to
accept the truth or do what
is right.

There are people who want to
make their life miserable and
die like that, you dont need
to sacrifice yourself to save
them, you cannot help them out
if they will not help theirselves
first so dont waist your lifetime
to convert them to be someone
like you, after all life will
go on if they live in a lie
as long they are not a threat
to you or to the society, on
that case it would be another talk
but thing is this some people
what to cling into some particular
belief, fantasy or whatever it

But that doesent mean you are
not able to live the way you
wanted to be, especially if you
want to do what is right or
what is the truth.

It is important for you to know
that you must be in a right place,
there are places in this world
that dont buy some particular
beliefs so for you to know that
is very crucial especially if
the truth or the right lifestyle
that you want to practice is
not that too known because
you could face a lot of challenges
if you live in a place that
is not matching in your ideal
lifestyle. I advice for starter
to live in a more liberated, in
a place that youre belief could
be tolerated.

Now if the “truth” or the “right”
thing you know is some sort of
message that you must relay to
someone that is special to you
and its important for him/her
to know in order save his/her
life, I say is this, remember that
serving the truth or the “right”
information in a cold manner
is not effective to be digested
most of the time. You cannot
just say to your friend that
his better half is cheating
on him or you cannot just say
to your siblings how to run
the business because most of
the time that approach got rejected.

But I know that sometimes serving
it cold is the only way to do
especially if there is no enough
time remaining. However I suggest
that as much as possible serve
the truth or the “right thing”
into gradual manner and with
much effort of good timing.

The truth is not all the time
people are flattered to know
the truth or what is right.

Sometimes knowing those
“Truth” and “Right” stuffs
are curse if it is egoistically
exposed but those are always
a blessings to human race as
long it is being shared with



Disyembre 11, 2018

The real people who really
have that luminous desire
to stay bright will remain.

They might be unnoticeable
but there is always a time
that they will shine and
the brightness of their light
will always be felt deeply,
it is not a common ray of brightness
but you know its them because
you’ll feel their unique energy,
they are not just a common
catch phrase but their message
really touch you very deep from
the very bottom of your soul.

I thought before that a bright
person must be always noticeable
must be always on the highest
peak of it’s light and stay like
that all the time but eventually
as I become matured I observed
that it is not necessary to
be on that highest stage of
brightness all the time because
even in practical term too much
brightness can hurt the eyes.

There are times that we need
to dim our surrounding and the
absence of brightness could
really help. Same thing to
the bright people who came in
our lives, yes they come and
go and there are some bright
people that their brightness
is not that yet pure but
it is okay because also sometimes
we don’t need the perfect brightness
to remind us the destination
we are heading for.




Nobyembre 6, 2018

Like it or not the truth
is this- There will be
times in your life that
the available choices
you have are wrong, maybe
you know that before you
make the call or maybe
after you made the call
and eventually you’ll realize
that all options that are
on the table are wrong but
you need to choose, you
need to act, as the most
unacceptable failure is
by not taking the shot
even though the chances
are slim.

But thing is most people
choose that, they choose
to waist the opportunity
or some people pass the
obligation to choose for
themselves instead they
give that right to others
because they are so afraid
to feel the regret. They
don’t know that all people
made wrong choices all thru
their lifetime even they
reach the peek of success,
not because they are stupid
but that is the nature of
being human, to err, to
learn and to grow.

It’s impossible to know
what is the right choice
all the time, in fact until
these days there are still
part in our history that
people are still debating
if the decision that was
made from the past is right
or wrong, like for example
in Philippines there is part
of our history where we
gone to MARTIAL LAW in time
of President Ferdinand Marcos,
some people say its a bad
thing and some people say its
good, imagine that!

Of course we all do want to
make the right choice but
when you found yourself that
you cant see what is right
and you need to choose and
do something try to ask
yourself which choices that
you can live with even it turn’s
out wrong.

Because even that choice is
wrong it can be forgiven, especially
if you have the gut to live
with it rather than doing nothing
or letting others to choose
for you.