Marso 21, 2019

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Our brain is so fascinating.
Just to think of those great
inventions that change our
way of living, those idea
came from our mind, some
call it Flash of genius.

Thing is we all do have that,
we all have flashes of genius
came to us but common mistake
we do is that we don’t give
much respect when that opportunity

We think that flashes of idea
will come around again but mostly
it is not, it might come or
when it came back again is when
the time somebody already did
it and how we wish we’re the one
should do it first.

Question is how to give respect
and importance when that
“flash of genius” snap in
our mind? Answer is simply
record it! Whether thru writing,
typing, video or voice recording
just do it and save it!

Now when you record it, you must
decide if you want to make it happen,
if you do be ready to a deep dive
because mostly this idea demands
a lot, it could even asked you to
flip the world upside down, but
if you’re not comfortable about it
be willing to let it go, because
unnecessary regret is a toxic in
human system.

It could be sounds too much, when
geniuse flashes at your mind while
driving and you just park at the
safe side to record it down but
believe me those flash of genius
mostly come once in a life time
and catching them could change
everything for the better.





Disyembre 11, 2018

The real people who really
have that luminous desire
to stay bright will remain.

They might be unnoticeable
but there is always a time
that they will shine and
the brightness of their light
will always be felt deeply,
it is not a common ray of brightness
but you know its them because
you’ll feel their unique energy,
they are not just a common
catch phrase but their message
really touch you very deep from
the very bottom of your soul.

I thought before that a bright
person must be always noticeable
must be always on the highest
peak of it’s light and stay like
that all the time but eventually
as I become matured I observed
that it is not necessary to
be on that highest stage of
brightness all the time because
even in practical term too much
brightness can hurt the eyes.

There are times that we need
to dim our surrounding and the
absence of brightness could
really help. Same thing to
the bright people who came in
our lives, yes they come and
go and there are some bright
people that their brightness
is not that yet pure but
it is okay because also sometimes
we don’t need the perfect brightness
to remind us the destination
we are heading for.




Disyembre 11, 2018

Kung sino yung nagsasabi ng
katotohanan at ng tama ay
sila ang madalas na hindi
pinakikingan dahil ang
katotohanan o kung ano ang
tama ay hindi ka-aya-ayang

Minsan pa nga kung minsan
ang nagsasabi ng totoo
o ng tama ay sila pa
ang nagmumukhang masama
sa madla.

Nakakapanghinayang lang
na malamang huli na ang
lahat nang ating lubos
na maintinhan na tama o
totoo pala ang ang sinasabi
kung kelan huli na ang

Kung kelan naloko ka na
bagaman nung una pa lang
sinabihan ka nang huwag
mong pagkatiwalaan pero
dahil nga hindi kaaya-aya
ang katotohanang sinasabi
sa iyo eh hindi mo ito
binigyan ng pansin intindihin

O di naman kaya kung kelan
napahamak ka na ay dun mo
lang maiisip na sinabihan
ka na pala nung una pa kung
ano ang tamang gawin pero
dahil nga hindi kaaya-aya
pakingan ang tamang payo
ay winalang bahala mo ito
at ngayon naririyan ka na
nga sa putik ng kabiguan.

Maiisip mo kung minsan ang
kaalaman ba na malaman mo
kung ano ang totoo o tama
ay isa bang pagpapala o sumpa?

Kasi ang malaman mo kung ano
ang tama o kung ano ang
katotohanan ng maaga ay isang
tila baga parang kapangyarihan
na pwede mong gamitin para
iligtas ang iyong kapwa
o mahal sa buhay pero paano
kung yung kapwa o mahal mo
sa buhay ang tumatangi sa
inaalok mong tulong para
sila iligtas sa una palang?

At kapag silay naipit na
sa kung anu-anong gusot
na tila wala ng pag-asang
maayos saka ka dun tatawagin
at kapag hindi mo sila
nasagip ay dun ka naman nila

Kaya aking nagunita’t natutunan
na kapag alam mo kung ano
ang tama o kung ano ang totoo
hindi ibig sabihin nito’y
agad-agad mong ipagsisigawan
sa madla ang iyong nalalaman
dahil sa huli baka magkuha
ka lang ewan.

Mas maiging sa manahimik at
makinig, pag-aralan kung
sino, alin at kailan ang
tyempo na dapat mong pasukin
para sabihin o ibahagi ang
iyong nalalaman dahil ito
ang tama.

Walang may interes kung
ano ang tama o totoo dahil
ang likas na prioridad
ng tao ay gawin at sundin
kung ano ang nakakaginhawa
sa kanya, tila mga taong
may mataas na uri ng pag-iisip
lang ang nagtatanung muna
kung alin ang tama at ang

Kaya wag kang magtaka kung
maraming tao ang sa katotohanan
o kung ano ang tama ay



Oktubre 12, 2018

Saving is easy to say than
done and here is the 3 factors
that ruin your saving plan…


Whether this is coffee
or not, all of what
you eat are mostly
what ruins your budget.

If you will monitor
you’re expenses you’ll
notice that food
is one that ruin
your plan, it could
be a small thing but
if you summed it up
you’ll be overwhelmed
the amount you spend
to mere food itself.

Reason is because we
human either wants
pleasure or some sort
of comfort and one
of the source for that
is food. Also when
we wanted to celebrate
something whether it is
small or big occasion
we all do celebrate
by buying food, thru
food we express how
special the day is…


Another factor that ruins
your saving is buying cloths
that you really don’t need,
especially when we are being trap
to buy one when there is a
“sale” as we are having the
mentality of out smarting
the future, where we convince
ourselves that we must
buy now or else we will
miss the opportunity to take
advantage of this sale but
eventually you’ll realize
that the “sale” promo is
the one took advantage on
your purse.

Although it could also
be correct that in some
point of your life you
really need to buy a clothes
or a fair of shoes but
according to my experience
it happened to me very
rare and if I will buy
a cloths or shoes I’d prepare
to buy the high quality
brands because it is more
durable and will last longer
than the cheaper brands, now
there is an argument that
what if the particular
“high quality” brand is
on sale, do you think that
is a smart move to buy it?

For me personally I would
not, base to my own experience
most of the time that
high quality cloth that
is in promo sale that you
bought will most likely
end-up sitting into your
closet, waiting for that
right time to be summoned
and guess what most of
the time it is not getting
summoned because of your
need of replacement but
for you to send it as a
gift to someone.

Just like foods, cloths
give’s us pleasure, it
gives us that sense of
being relevant or outstanding
reason why shopping itself
has a potential to be
addictive and if you
don’t do something about
it this will definitely
ruined your saving strategy


For me you cannot
actually blame the
people who wants to
have latest, fastest
and/or advance gadget
be it phone, gaming
gears etc. because
in the tech world
advancement is really
fast and being the
person who’s on
the latest trend really
need to pay the price.

To some being in touch
to the latest trend
is necessary in order
for them to catch-up
or be ahead to their game
while others are just
catching-up for the sake
of pride and ego.

Which ever side you are
please do take note
that sometimes the
features of a particular
gear’s advancement are
manageable and still
the human skill is
still not yet irreplaceable
by today’s technology
so I would say skill
over your gears still
matter much.

Weighing your technical
advancement versus to your
financial income
must be put into
microscope in order for
you to decide where you’ll
draw the line of limitation
when and where you must
consider your spending.

On the final note, Please
dont make a mistake to
think that “Pleasure” is

We all do need pleasure
in life.

In fact this is
our birthright.

The thing
is that the way we
end up is also our
so indulging on so
much pleasure that will
put us on poor situation
is much like digging
your own grave and this
must not be the scenario.

Although to many it
already happened and
to some their on the verge
of it, please don’t
put yourself on that situation.

But also I will not shy away
to tell you that extravagant
pleasure are not for all too,
because for this to enjoy you
need to work for it which is
most of the time for people like
me the service of grand and simple
pleasure has the same taste
if you’ll think it through.



Hulyo 26, 2018

Please allow me to share my
2 cents about being so called
“MILLIONAIRE” a word or should
I say a title that seems
misleading now a days…

When someone called you
an employed and you
have a job there is
no resistance in your
subconscious mind to
deny that fact…

But when someone are being
called or categorized as
a millionaire most
people will cringe or raised
an eye brow.

It seems that until these
days being an millionaire
is somehow a dream that
is complicated to make it
happen which is in reality
it is not…

For me the natural and simplest
way to define if someone is
a millionaire is of course
if the person owns an amount
of cash or asset that worth
a million or more, secondly
in my personal measure if
the person are earning at least
million in a year that person
is qualified to be identified
as a millionaire too…

Well of course it depends
how you measure it. Are you
measuring someone’s cash
on what currency? Dollars or
Peso? Are you categorizing
the tech gadgets as an asset
or a liability? how about
house? how do you categorize
it? Liability or asset?

Sure enough there are a gazillion
of arguments out there to
approve or disapprove my
“natural definition” of
being a millionaire but in simplest
form of identifying if
someone is a millionaire
at least in some angle of
this persons life is that
he is either earning million
in a year and/or owning
an asset that worth a million
or more.

Now if we follow thru to
my definition of millionaire
it seems that plenty of
my fellow Filipino who work
overseas can be categorize
as a millionaire if their
earnings is converted from
foreign to Philippine currency.

Then again mixed reactions will
fire-up there, some will be
gullible, some will furiously
deny the fact or somebody
will feel good about it…

Being entitled as millionaire
especially in this period of
time is not obnoxious to claim
its just like claiming the
fact that you are bless and
that is not something we
must resist.

Of course flaunting the fact
that you are a millionaire
will surely attract several
attentions that if you are
not prepare for it you could
hurt yourself but if those
attentions are diverted to
something productive or
constructive it will surely
serve you to something good.

If you flaunt the fact
that you are a rich guy
or a millionaire prepare
to backing-up that claim,
if you didn’t back that up
it will back fire to you
and that’s when you will
hurt yourself. But if you
do a good job on backing
it up you will create a
reputation that could
refine your identity a bit
but be aware that this
identity again must take
care well because it could
either cause you good or bad.

That’s why flaunting that
millionaire “Title” is
not really a good idea not
unless you building an identity
or reputation in order for
you to use to gain advantage
like for example on taking
a big loan to someone or from
bank and doing a sale is much
more easier if you have that
“millionaire title” on
your profile. But if your
not into that I believe
there is no much reason to
flaunt about it.

However smart people especially
those who do the math and
converts your assets and lifestyle
to numbers can say if you belongs to
“millionaires club”.

A decent man who owns a house,
sending his child’s to exclusive
schools is a pretty much good
barometer to say that this guy
have a shot to join the club.

So let’s look it in this way,
we all do born blessed and everyday
in someway we all do being blessed
but not all people believe on
that and very few people embrace
that fact even though it is damn

If you are blessed it doesn’t
mean struggles in life will
stop and that is the same thing
even if you are a millionaire
we will all do need to swim
or float on the same
ocean of life.



Hunyo 23, 2018

In social media lifestyle
these days this seems to
be the new trend to be

Our life is been suck
by the trend of posting
the every part of our lives
to the internet, there is
nothing wrong about that,
there is nothing wrong
on sharing your moments
to the world but what
people like me just want
to point out is that like
us before we came to the
point where we realize
that “enough is enough”

You’ll know that, maybe
right now you dont but
eventually you’ll hit
the pleatau, where you
think you already share
the higlights of your life
and posting seems dragging
to you, when that time
comes it means you need
to back-up yourself
on social media lifestyle
and time to fill your
life by new expirience,
adventure, life lesson etc.

Dont let yourself to
capture fake moments,
share meaningless
and lifeless photos,
thats not how social
media is made for.

It is made for us real
people to enthusiastically
and authentically have
a pure connection…
Dont fake it…



Hunyo 20, 2018

It is inevitable case
we all do have some bad eggs
in our life
but speaking into “egg case” per se
its not necessarily a waste
of resource.

Remeber the word “recycle”
it is applicable to everything
though the process could
be messy but for the sake
of “utilization” you better
stomach it or you’ll
totally lost the chance
of using the “bad egg”
to something “productive”

Sometimes being passive
to the bad eggs in our
resources is worth it,
especially if we want
to skip those “messy process”
definitely being “passive”
is a nice choice but
when we look onto the
quantity of how many
times we got a bad egg
in our basket and found
that the amount is unacceptable
to ignore we better think
twice and weigh the Quantity
and the Quality if we recycle
those bad eggs.

To some organization quality
is everything… Once
the quality of their work
is threatend they will
absolutely do the best
in order to remove those
threats even it takes
not just to reject the
bad eggs but also dump the
whole dozen of eggs that
is in the basket just
to assure quality.

Again having a bad egg
in your grocery could
happen to everybody
once in a while, it is
unavoidable but the thing
is you know your choices
and according to your
situation you pick
what you think is the
best choice.