Marso 21, 2019

Credit to the photo owner


The Build, Build, Build project
of Pres. Digong is undoubtedly
amazing! If this all blue prints
and plans came to life
even at least the 70% of it.

I love Pres. Digong, what only
bothers me is that the timeline
of the projects he started will
be done after his term as a
President, so there is a shade
of doubt as how can we Filipino’s
will be confident that this
projects will go through if
Pres. Digong is not
there anymore?

As of now that he is the
President there are plenty
of rabid attackers to his
Build Build Build project
who disagree or wanted to
shut it down.

Despite to that
the approval rating
of the President
is in a very good shape, maybe
because of his charisma but what
if there is a different President
already sitting in the palace?
How can we be sure that he can
push this through?

My hope is that the efforts
that is being spent in this project
will not be turned into nothing
because if that do happen it will
be another great lose to Filipino
people and the best we can do
as of now is HOPE HOPE HOPE for
the best!



Marso 12, 2019



It makes me feel weird that for
the first time Lebron wont going
to play-offs, sadly this untimely
negative break fell into the lap
of LA Lakers team.

I already had a vibes from the
start that this will be a
make or break when they
mix Lebron and the
young guns of LA.

I thought in the middle of the
season they are getting the
formula how to blend-in and
despite of lack that being
reported they’re able to
cope-up and manage to do what
they suppose to be doing which
is winning games.

But for me all are ruined
when the “Anthony Davis”
trading came into the scene.

There are some talks I watched
that the LA Lakers planned to
trade the whole young guns
like Lonzo, Kuzma, Ingram
and some others too…

This for me created walls and
tainted the trust of players
which is a huge thing that
affected and put the LA
Lakers in a negative light
that eventually made them
lose the opportunity of reaching
the play-offs.

As a sport fans of basketball
the “Mind Game” here for me
is two things

1) Too much Assumption
2) Always verify


It feels to me that everybody
assumes that Lebron will do
what he usually do, which is
to enter the play-offs then
reach the finals.

Even myself as a fan missed
the fact that as LBJ entered
the Lakers he don’t have the
same lay-out that he had
in Cleveland and Miami.
Where he had Bosh, Wade
or Love, Irving and the likes.

In LA it seems that we just
wish for the best that he’ll
jive well to the young guns
and we thought that after
all his Lebron
he can work that out but now
it will be added to
another million clear example
that everybody are prone to
fail if we missed details that’s
vital to accomplish a particular mission, even if you’re Lebron.

In this case we missed that
age gap, support group, the
culture of LA or the coach
may have the need to look
through and review if those
factors can help and will not
hurt the King in order for him
to reign in this season?

Maybe this facts is not weighed
because in this era we are
enchanted by the force that
Lebron James did from the past
and we just realize this should
not be like that until we
woke-up that all is over this


It is irritating if someones
keep on reminding and checking
you out if your good, sometimes
verification sounds dumb but
the purpose of that is to
make it sure that you’re
100% good to go and no any
sliver of doubt that you
forgotten or not prepared

Definitely something is being
outlook to this especially
the idea of trading the
young guns in exchange of
Anthony Davis, the purpose
is good but the deliberation
in order to achieve the purpose
is rough and messy that result
to failure.

That’s the mind game and to
answer what went wrong is
that the most precious element
of “team work” is being damaged
and that element that I am
talking about is “Trust”,
it could be cliche to hear but
that’s what it is, imagine
you are barely surviving
and just depending to each
other believing that you’re
all a family and then
eventually you
found out that they
want you out? and start
to talk business?

would you be
still that wiling to depend
and believe that you’re
a fam?

Maybe that’s the
big Mind Game here, is to
protect the “trust” in
a team because it will
protect your team back and
if you don’t you’ll probably
asked yourself eventually
what went wrong?




Marso 9, 2019

Upon my youtubing I got to stumble
in this video that say’s Vin Diesel
reached out to Paul Walker’s family
to have the blessing of putting back
the character of Brian O’Conner in
Fast 9.

From this I got excited and interested
not just because of the intention of
bringing back Brian O’Conner’s character
but the thoughts and people insights
about it especially in today’s technology
where film making gone too far…

As a fan of Fast and the Furious
Franchise I say to Vin Diesel to
go for it! if the Family of Paul
gives the blessing for it.

If this happened and lay it
down right, it will be a
ground breaking event in the world
of film making, these generation
as what I’ve said making movies
gone too far, the special effects
is absolutely amazing! You can
do anything you’ve wished for,
you want rain? earth quake, a
humongous monster? it is no
sweat to the technology these
days. But putting someone in
the film who is not physically
exist in the real world, like Paul
this is another level.


Pebrero 10, 2019


I know and everybody knew that
Floyd Mayweather Jr. is already retired!

But like me, I know that you also
believe that Money Mayweather still
got that fire of the fighter, maybe
it could lose a bit of glare but
everybody is still interested to
put a one to that zero loss…

Also its not hard to believe that
he can still come back from retirement
especially if the price is right.

The way I see it is that, Mayweather
still cant let go that feel of lime light
or cant let go the way he earn money
thru boxing.

I would say Mayweather master
that! He master how to read fighters and
once he agreed to fight to you it means
you are already owned.

Mayweather could
have that deep research group that we
couldn’t imagine which is also the
possible reason why he always successfully
hand picked his opponent, this is just
how I feel it, and seems very convincing.

Fighting with Connor McGregor is also
a huge leap into Mayweather career,
at least for me, not just as a boxer
but I say as an icon in world of
fight sports, then beating Connor is
another additional huge leap to his career.

But his last fight vs. Nasukawa is
kind a confusing to me as a fight fan.

I cant say if that is a comeback
fight or a stint? Which is possible
too, maybe Mayweather would like to
come-out from his retirement again
to make Money.

There were talks before that Mayweather
is interested for a rematch to Octagon against
Connor Mcgregor, this time it seems
he is the one who will play by the rule
of Connor’s sports, but eventually that
“buzz” passed by, as many fight
fan believe that Mayweather could be
just taunting and making noise because
people cant imagine if he can survive
to that cage once he came in for Connor.

The mind game here is this. If Mayweather
want’s money he must fight a rematch
to Pacquiao again. This is the only
match I see that has an appeal to people.

They knew and I knew how good he is,
I cant imagine who can beat Mayweather in this
days as I wrote this article.

To make the fight profitable, you must
either put a underdog and champ match or
a Champ vs. Champ match.

Ever since I believe Mayweather never
agreed a fight if he didn’t know how
to handle that fighter. Manny Pacquiao
definitely is a Champ vs. Champ match
if Mayweather will categorize it, the
underdog vs. champ match don’t appeal
to the fight fans now because we knew,
he dissect his opponents and measured
them well so when they came to the ring
it could be just a cake walk for Mayweather.

But in Manny case, is a Champ vs. Champ
match category which is risky for
Mayweather because I believe in someway
Mayweather knew that Manny Pacquiao still
got it and he could put himself into great


The mind game here is this-

If Floyd wanted to just experience
lime light, the moment of fighter,
adrenaline rush and being involve to
fight world his hand pick fights will
be fine but thing is this-

Weather he believes it or not he is
declining, his old age could catch
him one day and it could be a sad
story if he lost to someone he hand

Losing by decision might sound
good although that’s impossible
to believe that Mayweather can lose
in decision and if ever that happen
it will definitely raise controversies,
but the problem is if he lose by

Remember there is that sayings in
boxing world such as “Lucky Punch”
It could be a great shame for him
and it will immediately disintegrate
his legacy especially if he lost to
someone who’s hungry for credits.

But here is the thing, if he
fight a rematch to Manny Pacquiao
it will be definitely a Win/Win for
him. If he win again, his legacy will
surely sealed and with the golden
ribbon because nobody is left anymore
to challenge “Money May” and if he loss
to Pacquiao technically there’s no
much will be taken away from him except
his zero loss and I think it would
not be a big thing anymore for him
especially this time where he is declining.

If Floyd lose to Pacquiao I don’t
believe Manny will suck him dry
by taking too much credits. Manny
is one of the gentleman in fight
world, if I am Floyd and I am about
to handover my zero loss, I would
definitely pick Manny Pacquiao for




Pebrero 10, 2019

When I say Boss fight this
ain’t video games, I mean
the real life employee and
Boss relationship.

I know it is crazy to fight
to your Boss, you’re too
deluded or out of your mind
if you ever fight the boss
because whatever you do
that ancient sayings that
“Boss is Boss” still exist
and damn effective.

So why I am saying this?
If you not crazy or
arrogant AF, why someone
will fight his Boss?

Thing is this, there are
times in “Boss life” that
the Boss itself
got too frustrated also,
or maybe being bullied by
his Boss (everybody got
a boss  by the way)
and in reality those Bosses
who’ve been drag
into “hot seat” they need to
vent-out those abusive
hurtful criticisms, sadly
they vent it out to their
subordinates. Some Bosses
also over react and terrified
to be in the hot seat, so
before that they’ll fire
or annoy as many of their
subordinates by throwing
blames and mockery.

Life in corporate world
is mostly just like that…

Say it ugly or sad but
that’s the truth!

Now this is what most employee
do not understand.

“How to win in Boss fights”

To win in Boss fights you must
stop the “fight” right away,
I mean as soon as possible!

Because fighting to your Boss
is a waste of everything, it’s
like fighting to the Jurors
or referee, meaning every shot
or points you made how good
that it may seem or
how high value it may be,
in end it will just be ignored
and not consider counted
so better do not engage
to a fight but if it is unavoidable
and you are being cornered
no other choice-
just try to be a good sparing partner.

Don’t just stand there and let him
massacre you because nobody
wanted to spar with impotent.

Give him a good work-out, not
fight, jab a little bit, bob
and weave, if possible run
a lot until he lose his stamina
and once that happen the fight
will stop.

If you become a good sparring
mate you could avoid those
disciplinary actions,
warning letters
or maybe the weight of
punishment could be lower
or everything will
end from there.

Most of employees missed
to understand is that
fighting fire to fire with Boss
is not ideal at all, it could be
very tempting and convincing but in
a wiser perspective as long you’re
under his organization and unsure
to separate ways from him better to
be in a kinder side of the picture.

Whether you are right or wrong
if you fight back in a way that
you are also dominating his thrown
he’ll definitely mark you as a
threat and eventually you’ll be
kicked-out from his kingdom.



Pebrero 10, 2019

After Kobe’s retirement, Lakers
is in the dark, awaiting for
someone who can shed some light.

Reputation and identity wise
Lakers is like being robbed,
they are bankrupt, zero, not until
Lonzo Ball came in, I am not
saying this guy is like someone
who brought a lot of wins in the
team or some sort of super player
but because of Zo, L.A become a
talk of the sport business again,
at least people interest and hopes
are back then eventually Bron
again shocked the world of
basketball when he join in Lakers.

Now we are in the milestone of
Lakers where Lonzo’s stay in
Lakers could end just like that!

I say Zo must stay if Lakers
wants to keep in the loop
of “buzz”, like what Lebron
say’s “this is business after
all” and if you’re owning a
NBA basketball team you just
don’t need to win titles but
much as well your team must
attract an attention.

Money goes where the most
attention are, if money is
what Lakers wanted, they
must keep Zo but if they
go to Lebron and AD ground-up
set-up that will be a nice
ride but it could be short
and after the ride, when Bron
finally retire or both
Bron and AD declined again they
will be in the dark and that
kind of attention their getting
from Kobe Bryant era could be
hard to have it again.

But today as Lonzo is at their
team, that attention is still
there and it will obviously
stay there if Lonzo and his
Fam stays.




Pebrero 10, 2019


Again first of all I am a big fan
of Lebron James, his the reason why
I still watching NBA these days, from
Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and no
doubt in this era it is Bron’s face
whether we like it or not. I’m not
going to elaborate why? But reason
of this blog why I published is this.

It is about what I say why the
LA Lakers are desperate of
taking Anthony Davis of Pelicans
and to the point they are willing
to let Ball, Ingram, Kuzma and others
to go for the sake of Anthony Davis.

I believe that Lakers knew that
Lebron James is so ripe right now
although he is still not showing that
much of decline of prime but he is
already in the age of an athlete
where going to that direction, meaning
the Lakers must give what Lebron needs
in order for them to maximize Lebron’s
prime because once the point of decline
hits Bron… Lakers will be in a very
deep mess again.

Trading or letting go a declining Lebron
means everything is liability
and no any gain in part of Lakers,
not unless if they win a title.

I don’t want to think this but all
greatness has its time to reign
and time to pass and to Bron’s era
probably this point is where his
era could began to fade, I hope not
that fast but no doubt it is coming
or its already here.

So dont be surprise if Lakers is
so eager to give the best guys as
per Bron’s demand, because we are
talking about maximizing prime
and being ahead of time. If all
works-out to Lakers this could be
their moment where they can brought
back that shine.